What is Beast Crawl?

Beast Crawl is Oakland's own entirely free annual literary festival that showcases the diversity and talent of writers with deep roots in the East Bay. "East Bay" is pig latin for BEAST. ;)

What is a "Leg"?

The Beast walks on four "Legs." We generally hold three hour-long readings and one afterparty. Each "Leg" is the assemblage of 10 simultaneous readings/ performances across a single neighborhood or borough in Oakland. The Afterparty is where everyone meets up and hangs out to celebrate the crawl.

I'd like to volunteer! How do I do that?

Submit your contact info by clicking the "Join" button at the bottom of each page here on our website. We'll get right back to you and let you know how you can help. THANKS!!

How much does Beast Crawl cost?

Beast Crawl Lit Fest is ENTIRELY FREE. We encourage our guests to spend money at the venues that have graciously hosted our events. We believe in the support of local business. Your patronage makes that happen. If you would like to make a donation to Beast Crawl, we could really use your support.

What are these numbers for on the map?

Every year we create a map so that you easily find your way to our several readings at venues throughout the neighborhood.

Is there any way to attend all the readings?

With over 30 separate events/readings and venues scattered throughout a neighborhood in Oakland, we recommend attending one reading per leg. That amounts to three readings in one evening. Rejoin with your friends and make new ones at the afterparty!

I’d like to attend Beast Crawl with my family/ children/ young adults/ students under the legal drinking age. Are all readings open to all ages?

Minors are allowed in some but not all venues. This is determined by the nature of each venue; some are bars, some are adult-oriented stores, and sometimes, the nature of the literature at the event is not appropriate for all ages, or all tastes. Please visit our website or pick up an Event Guide. For every year we will post a page that lists the nature of each venue. Otherwise, ask at our Information Table on the day of the festival. An Event Coordinator will help you determine which event might be appropriate for you or your group.

I’m excited about Beast Crawl. Where can I share thoughts, pictures, or video of the festival?

We’re excited that you’re excited. We try to make it easy for everyone to participate somehow in the festival. If you’d like to share, please add #beastcrawllitfest to any related Tweets, Snaps, Instagrams, Facebook posts, or Flickr photos you upload.