What drives us?

An honest love and pride for the amazing voices of our literary community.


We run a tight ship guided by a production timeline.

2017 Organizing meeting.L-R: Patti Orozco-Cronin, S.B. Stokes, Hollie Hardie, Laura Zink, Paul Corman-Roberts.

Meet the team

We are a devoted group of community builders whose main motivation is to elevate and support the diversity of literary voices in the Bay Area.

One of those nights!2017 Afterparty. L-R: Youssef Alaoui, Missy Church, Fred Dodsworth, Patti Orozco-Cronin, Andrew J. Thomas

Paul Corman-Roberts

Youssef Alaoui

Missy Church

Victoria Billings Sepulveda

Kelliane Parker

Christine No

Dena Rod


Kim Shuck

Andrew J. Thomas

Scott McNeil


Patti Orozco Cronin

Hollie Hardy

Fred Dodsworth

S.B. Stokes

Kwan Booth

Laura Zink

Zephir O'Meara

M.G. Dufresne

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We are looking for literary-minded individuals who have enjoyed our festival in the past and want to pitch in.

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